Experience, Strength, and Hope #2

This is a part of our Experience, Strength, and Hope series. Read more D.A. experiences. The shares below are those of the fellows that submitted them and don’t necessarily represent the 12 steps or Debtors Anonymous.
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How did you know you had a problem?

A life-long pattern of being seriously broke, sometimes with debts to pay, and working jobs I hated for low wages while doing work I loved for free.

How did you find D.A.?

I found a book on underearning by [non-Conference-approved literature], and recognized myself in his behavior immediately — another writer with Big Dreams who was out of control around money.

What have you learned in D.A.?

First, I’m not alone. Second, I’m not a terrible person or a pathetic loser: I’ve got a problem; and there are ways to handle it. D.A. keeps me in touch with and practicing those ways. It also offers help, from other people who have been there.

What suggestions do you have for newcomers in their first 90 days?

Try to put aside your preconceptions and stay open and receptive to other people and what they’re saying, even if it doesn’t seem to apply to you. Be patient; stick with it even if you feel bored or uneasy.


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