Experience, Strength, and Hope #17

This is a part of our Experience, Strength, and Hope series. Read more D.A. experiences. The shares below are those of the fellows that submitted them and don’t necessarily represent the 12 steps or Debtors Anonymous.
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How did you know you had a problem?

I had been playing the “shell” game and moving money around from card to card and account to account until I ran out of shells. Everything came tumbling down and I had to come clean that I had run up 20K in unsecured debt and used our entire life’s savings to try and keep afloat.

How did you find D.A.?

National Website. I took the “Is DA for you?” quiz and answered yes to 13 out of 15 questions.

What have you learned in D.A.?

That I’m not alone. That I’m not broken. There is a spiritual solution to this very worldly issue.

What would you tell newcomers to help them navigate their first 90 days in D.A.?

Go to every meeting you can. Carry the Promises with you at all times and read them often. Make outreach calls. Start working the Steps. Engage in service right away.

— Traci E

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