Experience, Strength, and Hope #16

This is a part of our Experience, Strength, and Hope series. Read more D.A. experiences. The shares below are those of the fellows that submitted them and don’t necessarily represent the 12 steps or Debtors Anonymous.
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How did you know you had a problem?

I knew I had a problem because I was always broke.

How did you find D.A.?

I found D.A. at my local 12-step meeting place.

What have you learned in D.A.?

I have learned to trust God, write my money down, and help others. In addition, I have learned saving, spending, and planning tips along with knowledge of credit card companies and consumer relief programs.

What would you tell newcomers to help them navigate their first 90 days in D.A.?

I would tell a newcomer to attend as many meetings as possible, focus on developing a healthy relationship with a higher power, help others (be of service), and don’t give up.

— Anonymous

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