Let’s Grow DA Public Information Calls

From the Let’s Grow DA page on the Northwest Debtors Anonymous website:

Our ISR, a 2nd-year member of both the WSC PI Committee and Intergroup Caucus, working with several other DA members — mostly past and present ISRs and GSRs — is leading the organization of a series of 90-minute conference calls offering an open exchange of experience, strength, and hope on the topic of DA Public Information. There will be nine monthly calls, beginning in January 2017, extensively covering the topic of PI, and creating lots of space for sharing and Q&A. The goal is to make PI less scary and more fun for all interested DA members, allowing all of us easy access to this vital component of our 12th Step.

While several of the planners and trusted servants on these PI training calls are current WSC PI members, these calls are not hosted by either WSC or the GSB. Yet there is no conflict or controversy. Both WSC PI and the GSB are aware of these calls, but the materials we’re using are not yet approved as DA service literature, so we’re taking a grass roots approach to sharing them for now. The new PI handbook is in review by GSB PI now; perhaps it will be approved by this time next year! ​​In the meantime, we’re using the suggestions from the new PI handbook and welcome you to do the same. Join us. Let’s Grow DA!

Please share the link to this page — as well as Info for DA MembersList of Reported PI Activities, and Tear-Off Flyers for Posting — with anyone you think might be interested. All DA members are welcome to join us for the monthly PI calls! Please send questions to isr@northwestda.org. Many more details below, including the current draft of the new PI Handbook.

To learn more visit the Let’s Grow DA page on the Northwest DA site.