Experience, Strength, and Hope #5

How did you know you had a problem?

D.A. was my third program, and I wasn’t too happy about it. I came into program in January 2007 after learning that my job was going to be eliminated. I was freaked out because in August of the previous year, I spent $10,000 and didn’t know where the money went. I knew that unemployment and blackout spending was a recipe for homelessness, so I went to my first D.A. face-to- face meeting.

How did you find D.A.?

I found my first meeting by Googling the name, which guided me to the Intergroup website and the list of meetings. At my first dozen or more meetings, I thought the program was full of unfriendly, self- absorbed wankers. I tried and tried but couldn’t get a sponsor to save my life. Desperation and a sponsor in another program helped me to continue attending meetings. Finally, I decided to do service in every meeting and that’s how I got my first sponsor in program.

What have you learned in D.A.?

Continuously work on my relationship with HP, maintaining my solvency, working with others, and taking things one day at a time are the cornerstones of my program.

What suggestions do you have for newcomers in their first 90 days?

Attend as many meetings as possible and always volunteer to be of service. Find someone (sponsor or fellow) who will take you through the Steps as soon as possible. Sharing the problem all the time keeps me mired in the problem; sharing the solution grounds me in the solution.

—Happy, joyous and free in New York